Samstag, 9. Dezember 2006


A pair times have I it already oninterpreted, tomorrow is it finally so far: Turbomartins father his son disappears after Malta. The whole fun goes until to the twentieth day of December and hides itself under the official coat of a speakjourney. The Turbomartin and his FHDW-course will there a pile English learnen and two tests writen. And the best is: The holiday speakjourney replaces my English-before-reading in this and the next highschoolquarter! When this once nothing is!

Like one sees is this travel for me actually overliquid, because I also without this apparat in the position am, a beautiful text in English to writen. On this place once a heartlight thank on the terrific wordbook LEO. So, but now must I once again furthermaken with packing.

Ah, before I it forget: On Malta are the Stuessy and I at a family with seven (in words: 7) children underbrought! When I with a braindamage return, then know you why. By the way hope I, that the speakschool really a W-LAN has (and really on beach lies) and I you always on the running holden can. Then but again on German.

Straight runs: The sweet sound of suitcases

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Heike hat gesagt…

Oh mein Gott, das war jetzt aber echt schwer den text zu man man respekt vor diesem guten Englisch :D

MarySamsonite hat gesagt…

Grüß mir Ronaldo! :-D Und viel Spaß mit dem 13jährigen Mädchen! :-P

Wieze hat gesagt…

Es ist Perlen vor die Säue, dich und Stuessy nach Malta zu schicken.

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